Brian Flannery, DC, DPhCS, MBA

Doctor of Chiropractic

San Francisco Chiropractor

Dr. Brian’s true passion is being of service to others, and he has a passion for athletes...whether it’s the weekend warrior or elite performers.

When meeting him, you will certainly notice he has a deep seeded passion for Chiropractic and its profound effect on people’s lives. Chiropractic found him as he was studying microbiology as an undergraduate. His studies were focused on helping his mother who had suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for her entire life. His initial focus was on helping her by developing the next great “cure.” He soon became dissatisfied and troubled by the outside-in approach to health. He innately recognized that health comes from the inside-out, that your body has everything it needs within to be whole and healthy throughout the course of your lifetime.

Nature needs no help, just no interference…

As fate would have it, his college advisor gave him a book on Chiropractic, which perfectly matched his model of the world. He was hooked from that moment on and has spent countless hours studying Chiropractic and helping families restore and maintain the highest levels of health possible.

He has been blessed to speak all over the world on health and Chiropractic and is a highly skilled and gifted practitioner. His passion lies in adjusting and caring for whole families.

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