Dr. Rehana Sadiq


San Francisco Chiropractor

At a young age Dr. Rehana knew she wanted a career where she could make a positive impact on the lives of other people. Her passion to serve and help others is what drives and motivates her to be the best she can be. Dr. Rehana was born and raised in the Bay Area and has done all her schooling in California. She has a bachelors in business management and a doctorate from Life Chiropractic college west where she excelled in clinical requirements and graduated with clinical honors. She learned at a young age how powerful the human body is and the capability it holds for healing. Her interest in how the human body works, wellness and healthy living sparked her to become a Chiropractor. Throughout her schooling she went on a service trip to Haiti and India where she provided care for people who needed it the most. Her experience was very humbling and made a tremendous impact on the person she is today. Dr. Rehana speaks fluent Urdu and Hindi, loves being a Chiropractor, enjoys nature, is fascinated by the ocean and loves traveling!

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